Saturday, July 16


 Confession:  it's that time of year for me and I am feverishly trying to slam all my pics on the blog to make a book.  I am blowing my cover for being a Super Mom who keeps daily/weekly track of her family fun.  Oops. :) 

BUT--I have made many books for these adventures and I don't have time double document!  So I may just add the VERY FAVORITE pics of each trip and say "see photo book" for the others.  I am telling the 5 people who read this blog--and also my future self. I don't wanna wonder, "Where are all my pics?" later on and have no explanation. :)

Now...on to WYOMING! :)

Of COURSE they are not in order. :(

 White water rafting on the Snake River

 Downtown Jackson Hole

 Bar J Chuck Wagon

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