Tuesday, October 18

Magic Kingdom in October

 The kids had a "fall break" which was a Monday and Tuesday mid-October.  We used our passes wisely and headed down to Disney with the Tolers.  I do love going to the parks for all the holidays.  And fall did not disappoint! :)

Daisy made me some collages of our pics.  And our passes came with PhotoPass which means I AM IN PICTURES TOO! :)

 Colbie was feeling VERY brave and she rode Splash Mountain and Space Mountain! :)  The plan for the photo in Space Mountain was a terrified face...see above.  Espcially Emma's!  LOL.  The lady in front of the boys was not with us but she played along quite nicely.

 A guy who worked at Disney asked us if we needed anything.  We said no, but thank you!  And he said, "How about a free fast pass?"  UM YES!  MINE TRAIN HERE WE COME.  (It took us like 13 mins to wait, ride and be off...AMAZING!)

 Jungle Cruise


 Buzz Lightyear

 "See Ya Real Soon!"

 Colbs was so brave!
 I bought a Sprite cause I loved this cup. 

 Colbie's style
 We left about 3 to get back for Josh's football practice.

 EMMA!!  so funny!

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