Sunday, January 22

january 2017


Girl loves her high heels, panty hose and a dress...

BRACES time for the She...


One morning we woke to Waffle Week Cafe! :)

Look at the babies in the snow in ATLANTA! :)

Sunday dance show! :)

Daisy's Greek Mythology flash cards
COCO plays BALL.

Rubio's crew came thru and stayed with us!

Family bike ride!

Girls set the table for dinner :)

Gainesville for sharks teeth in the creek

Go Livi!!!  Cheer competition at BT.

They are getting so big!

Isaac's award ceremony! :)

Looking for sharks teeth in Gainesville


 I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT THESE!!!!  These are some of my fav pics from Christmas...

Daniel got a set of Christmas crackers (those paper things w toys inside or a small food treat).  These were whistles, and each number played a different note.  Daniel conducted as we tooted our whistles when he pointed to us.  IT. WAS. HILARIOUS.  Mainly cause Buddy's tooting skills we off that day and every time a low note was needed to end the song it was flat/wrong/off and we all DIED LAUGHING!!!!!

 Anna was showing Daisy some of her journals from when she was young.  It was a sweet moment. :)

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